the Everything Stream

A place to work ideas, keep some more or less record of the stream of my ideas, drafts, thoughts, and findings, etc. A space to prepare things (publicly), befor

I like the idea that there are continuous parallel universes that keep branching off, and you experience things based on your orientation, and so, if you change your vibration you enter different timelines where things are happening differently. It's a cool viewpoint.

George Floyd said, “I can’t breathe.”

In COVID, the challenges are in the breath.

In the smoke we have been having all throughout California, which is such a pivotal place, such a transformational and innovative center in the world, is making it hard for people to breathe.

My friend Tarita said, “let’s look up what Louise Hay has to say about the lungs.” The affirmation is:

I take in life in perfect balance.

And, “let’s see what she says about the breath.” The affirmation is:

It is my birthright to live life fully and freely. I am worth loving. I now choose to live life fully.

Let’s breathe fully. Let’s take it all in. Let’s affirm our right to be here.

I am as often faced with the urge to communicate something, but a frozenness that leaves me with nothing to say; as I am faced with too much to say, which also happens.

The act of publicly declaring anything at all, then has to be the next step. (Thus, this piece of writing, right here.)

Funny, to think that I wrote these songs with Alex Cory in the early 2000’s, and then I published it today. This woman says it’s just become the moon in Leo, and then the sun’s in Leo—and that this means a huge time for showing up with our creative expression. The funny thing is, I just realized the meaning of my moon in Leo thing a little while ago, and it’s what I’ve been working with for a while now... and then—here we are. Create this blog; and release an album we made a decade and a half ago, all of a sudden able to see its value. Hmmm...

Polecat · Spooky Porch Music
Once I saw its value, it occurred to me, a brand new viewpoint on creativity: that it could be super worth charging money for something, even if you have no imagination whatsoever that you’d ever be able to pay for your sandwiches, gas, or rent so much by it. But just because that is a neat thing: to be able to have that exchange with someone. That they paid you $2, or $5, or $20, or whatever, for something that you made, or offered them. (The fact that you don't imagine how you’d every pay for all your sandwiches, it just makes you more happy for an experience of that exchange. The feeling of “Give me more! Give me more!” is, somehow, gone!

A beautiful scene outside my home, at the start of the pandemic. A beautiful scene outside my home, at the start of the pandemic.

I have had to struggle intensely to find ways of rendering my thoughts out in the world. (Meanwhile, the world buzzes on, with its own incredible intensity, barely caring at all... but that’s another story.)

Currently, I have set up as the platform I am using, because I was always struggling so intensely to find a place that was a good place for canonical, unrestrained communication. So, here is one. (I have tried it before; this time I make a commitment to maintaining its continuity stream.)